Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Defining Moment For Me When Chris Guillebeau Founder Of The Art Of Non-Conformity Blog Visits Toronto

I first heard about the term “Defining Moment” from Dr. Phil. They are the moments that happen over the span of your life that change you in some kind of way.

These moments don’t have to big, they can be small, what’s important is that your life, and your thinking are changed forever because they happened.

I had a such a moment happen on Jan 16, 2011 when I heard Chris Guillebeau the founder of The Art of Non-Conformity blog speak as part of his book tour.

If you haven’t heard of Chris, check out his blog here. Chris has set out to see every country in the world by the age of 35. and he’s already on country 149 of 192 to visit towards the realization of that goal, but that’s not why I came to hear him speak. I wanted to know more about who he is in a way that you can only know somebody when you see, and meet them in person. My impression is that he is genuine, authentic, and humble, and wants to expand his influence to connect people who want to change the world through his blog and his book.

In addition to being a globetrotter, Chris is also a writer, blogger, and published author, who lives life without conforming to societal norms. He’s self-employed, an entrepreneur, and walks-the-talk when he stresses that we should all strive to live the type of life we really want, and not the life that others want us to.

I stumbled upon his web-presence years ago by accident. I was surfing the internet for articles on how to improve my copywriting skills, and I read a post on a blog, and in the response to that post somebody mentioned that they liked Chris Guillebeau’s writing style.

Since then I’ve visited his blog a handful of times, I have become a fan of his viewpoint, and outlook on life and work. In some way I feel like stumbling upon him had inspired me to want to be a blogger.

I still have a long way to go before my blogging, writing, and publishing efforts are on par with what he’s accomplished, but his example has made me feel like I can do it too.

At the book tour he asked the audience to think about how they want to make a contribution to the world that is meaningful, and what kind of legacy they want to leave. I’m still thinking about my answers…they are good questions. I don’t have answers yet, but for now I will contribute with this blog post, and share Chris’s message with you…my readers.

Thanks Chris, for being an early inspiration for Turning Point Motivation.

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