Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The New Re-Invented 'Turning Point Motivation' Blog

In the writing world there is a term referred to as ‘killing your darlings‘. That’s why I’ve decided to do with this blog. No, I’m not getting rid of ‘Turning Point Motivation’ but I am going to take it in a new direction.

I’ve always had a vision of having an outlet and a platform for my motivational rants, and passion for the self-help industry, but I’ve realized that so do a thousand others.

I don’t want this blog to look like a thousand others, or sound like a thousand others.

I don’t want to only post Pollyanna-ish you can do it type rhetoric.

Going forward I want to focus this blog more to the readers who think like me, and are looking for the same information that I’m looking for.

Po Bronson, The Author of What Should I do with my life , said that you should never waste your readers time.

I value your readership, and hope you continue to come back over and over again, as I grow this blog (TPM is still so young), and I hope that you will take away some value information from the things I post here.

So that’s why I’ve decided to change directions.

If you blog, or write, or are an artist, or do anything creative consider subscribing to the new Turning Point Motivation. This blog will now focus on helping creative people of all types.

And if there is something you want me to blog about, just let me know in the comments, or through my contacts page.

To kick off this new direction I’m going to leave you with a few links as a preview of the type of content I’m going to post.

We’ll start off with writing, If you’re tired of off-line resources (books) and want some valuable writing advice about fiction, and blog writing, check out the blog that I frequent the most and recommend,


For contrarian marketing advice from the most unique marketing individual I know of off-line and online check out Seth Godin. Seth is different, his quips make you think, he dares you to be different and stand out from the crowd, see his book Linchpin and check out his blog,

Seth Godin Blog

Robert Bly, or Bob Bly, sound familiar? Bob is a legend in the direct-response copywriting world. Even if you don’t buy any of his books (he’s published 70 or more so far) or buy his info products, subscribe to his newsletter, you’ll get a ton of free marketing and copywriting advice and resources even if you don’t buy any of his info products, his emails alone are worth studying to learn how a master copywriter writes. I own tons of Bob’s material, I’ll be surprised if you don’t own at least one,

Robert Bly Blog

Here’s one I’m throwing in as a bonus, unlike Seth Godin, or Bob Bly, you may have never heard of this guy. Steven Pressfield. He wrote the book The War of Art , he writes historial fiction. I’ve never read any of his fiction, but I like the way he writes, and blogs, and I loved The War of Art. He blogs every Wednesday,

Steven Pressfield

I hope you like the new direction, let me know what you think, and subscribe so that you don’t miss a post!


  1. This is a good idea, its always a good thing to write about your passion. wish you all the best

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